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We bring innovation to support you
We develop, design and deliver websites and creative campaigns that drive results, build awareness to your business.

Our Services

Web and Mobile

For over a decade, we have been helping clients increase their productivity with web and mobile applications. Our solutions balance workflow, reduce user workload, and maximize productivity. We strive to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Cloud Infrastructure Solution

Our AWS-powered cloud infrastructure offers reliable, secure, and scalable solutions. Our experts can help you develop cost-effective solutions for a seamless user experience.

Interactive and Extended Reality Solutions

We specialize in cutting-edge interactive and extended reality solutions. Our consulting, implementation, and support ensure users have an immersive experience from the start.

Digital Marketing

We offer comprehensive digital marketing services to help you reach your goals. Our team of professionals can help you create a tailored strategy. Our services include SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. Our services maximize reach and engagement with your audience.

Education and Workshop

We offer education and workshops to stay ahead of the curve. Our workshops provide comprehensive knowledge and skills for the digital landscape. Our experts help you gain the knowledge and tools for success.

Design Creation

We specialize in design and creation services that bring your ideas to life. Our services include artwork, UX & UI design, animation, and website/app redesign. Our experts create visuals that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Who we are?

We are a group of experienced engineers who have come together to create innovative solutions and help our clients succeed sustainably. For over a decade, we have been providing expertise and delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Our vision is to be the leading provider of successful and sustainable solutions and help our clients realize their potential through innovative technology.


Our mission is to provide successful and sustainable solutions through innovative technology and to help our clients reach their goals.


At Mimir Innovation Co., Ltd., we value innovation, collaboration, integrity, and excellence. We strive to provide meaningful solutions to help our clients succeed and reach their goals.

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We bring innovation to support you

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